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What I would like to change...

posted Apr 05, 2011 21:25:40 by cindy624
1. I would like there to be no more birthday celebrations at school. I am fine celebrating a child's special day, but it does not have to include a cake, donuts, cookies or cupcakes each and every time....
2. I would like to see an end to snacks provided by parents at youth sporting events. I am not sure why a child needs a snack and drink after running around for 1 hour.
3. I would like the "Snack Shack" at youth baseball parks to offer healthy snack options.
4. I would like to see the school lunches not include sweets like ice cream and cookies every day. Once a week is a fine treat. At this point in time, I see more kids forego their lunches, for the sweets.
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